Hypnotic Nutrition

Perhaps you eat well for breakfast and lunch, but you can't fight off the afternoon and evening cravings.

Perhaps you're exhausted from fighting depression or anxiety and using food as your comfort. 

Perhaps you think that if you could get a handle on your eating habits, you could shed a few pounds, plus the guilt and shame.

And perhaps you feel stressed out, overwhelmed and are ready for something different.

Hypnotic Nutrition's approach is different.

  • Customized Macro Approach to find the diet that is right for you.
  • Amino Acid Therapy to improve your mood, motivation, and stop cravings.
  • Hypnotherapy to help you change behaviors and heal the past.
  • Whole Foods Nutrition to nourish you from the inside out.
  • Psychology to boost your self-esteem and emotional regulation skills.
  • Compassionate acceptance of you, as a whole person.

Carole Freeman, MS, CN, CHt, is a nutrition and psychology professional that combines the most up-to-date science to help you develop the eating habits and lifestyle you've always wanted. The focus is on developing healthy, lifelong habits to support your best physical and mental health. Through the use of multiple tools like amino acid therapy, hypnotherapy, nutrition counseling, health coaching, and whole-food nutrition, you can finally feel happy, healthy and whole.

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